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Key features of 400TX3

Higher weld stability
  • High power IGBT components in the main circuit ensure smooth output wave-form resulting in greater arc stability even at 4A output current.
  • Spot welding functionality
  • During argon spot welding, TX3 offers pre-setting of spot current and time.
  • Excellent manual welding performance
  • Stepless regulation of arc force current reduces issues of stick adhesion, arc break and excessive spatter during welding.
  • Reliability even in rugged environments
  • Dustproof and superior waterproof design for greater endurance.
  • More efficient cooling.
  • Complies with IP23 enclosure class.
  • Easy-to-assemble connectors
  • Remote operation is possible.
  • Compatible with TIG Mate
  • In conjunction with TIG Mate, automatic TIG welding is possible.
  • Unique design of three layer and four room dust-free structure.
    Superior wave-form control to meet diverse welding needs
  • Middle frequency pulse control (10-500Hz).
  • Good arc stiffness and concentration.
  • Welding of heat-sensitive metals such as titanium and stainless-steel, and ultra-thin plates.
  • Low and mid-frequency pulse control (0.5-30Hz).
  • For all-position welding of mid/thin plat es and pipes made of various metals (except aluminum, magnesium and their alloys).
  • Stepless adjustment of pulse current, frequency, width and base current.
  • Initial current control and crater current control improves bead quality during arc start and crater stages.
  • Greater safety features
  • The possibility of electric shocks due to moisture or working in cramped spaces or contact with metal surfaces etc. is greatly reduced.
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