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Key features

IGBT Inverter with PWM-controlled technology
  • IGBT-controlled method offers a light and compact machine and PWM-controlled technology offers constant welding current and stable welding characteristics.
  • Suitable for all kind of acidic, basic, stainless steel, cellulosic and low hydrogen alloy electrodes.
  • Allowable fluctuation range of input voltage is upto +/- 20%.
  • High ambient temperature resistance up to 50C.
  • Patented design of triple-tier and four cabinet.
  • Output Cable extendable to 100 metres.
  • Hot start and dynamic arc force controls.
  • TIG welding is possible with scratch start.
  • Compatibility with DG sets.
  • Rugged and robust construction suitable for operation in rough environments.
  • Excellent on-site service and technical support.
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